Basic Statement

My work is of narrative nature, it opens up a space from which the recipient can think ahead. The works contain one (or more) questions that you can talk about. Mostly my questions research the relationships between reality and possible reality, between sign and matter.

Evil Liquids

Evil Liquis is a series of photos form – well – liquids, looking quite evil to me… For example, photos from perfume flasks. I am working on this series continuously.

The Flowers

In „The Flowers“ I arrange artifical flowers next to natural flowers in a natural surrounding. Actually „the natural surrounding“ is the forrest, I use to practice running for almost 20 years…

La Mer

La Mer is a series of works on photoslide frames, made of various materials. They remind me somehow of underwater experiences, fluid imaginations. So I named them „La Mer“…

Solaris 2

Solaris 2 consists of a 60 „photoslides“, for more information see Solaris 1

Solaris 1

Solaris 1 consists of a 80 „photoslides“, shown on a slideprojector. However, the slides are no photoslides, but various materials combined on slideframes. I manipulated the materials like scotchtape, honey, nail polish, bubble wrap etc., often in a microwave…

Museumsnacht 2015

The Lübeck Muna 2015 for took place in an former Bang & Olufson Showroom. I showed an installation of photoslides on a Kodak Caroussell Projector, i.e. the Patchworks Of The Past. DokuMuNa-2015-sm


PanAmericana is a series of photo-slides for a projector, each work combined of several slices. I cut the slides in slices and rearanged them – like in Patchworks Of The Past. The original slides consists of two series: A vacation in Sousse, Tunesia, the mother of my oldest daughter made … Continue reading

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